Our Purpose

To provide valuable insights into a world behind closed doors; not from myths and assumptions but from real, everyday lives.  Coercive control and ‘everyday’ incidents can seem insignificant in isolation. They often pass unnoticed by others due to being part of general, everyday life. But they are not isolated; they need to be understood – in context – as patterns that entrap.

To provide a safe place to share and validate lived experiences for mutual support and empowerment.

To highlight the hidden prevalence of domestic violence and abuse; breaking down silence, stigma and shame. For us to be seen as human beings; not victims or survivors, which assumes we get over it or that it ends.

To provide an accessible, learning resource to all: whether family; friends; members of the public; employers; police; social workers; lawyers; judges; magistrates; health; housing; or education and training, for deeper understanding in a complex area. We welcome your questions and will answer from the perspective of lived experience. Everyone is always learning, so please ask.

To give back to those who have lived it and those who continue to do so.


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